EBTS together with Rett’s Princesses project

Rett Syndrome is a rare illness unknown to many unless affected directly or indirectly. It’s a neurodevelopment disorder of the grey matter in the brain and almost exclusively affects females. It’s mainly detected in children at a young age. It´s listed under the broad category of pervasive development disorders, together with the autism spectrum disorders and childhood disintegrative disorder.

On the 30th June, a group of cyclists based in Alicante are organizing a non-stop race of 460kms, from Madrid (kmt.0) to Alicante in order to support and raise awareness of the difficulties for the parents whose children are affected and to help support medical researchers in order to investigate this rare illness. In Valencia Community area alone there are 50.000 children and 250.000 adults who suffer from this rare disease.

Supporters and families will be joining along the route to support and encourage riders.

EBTS PRO ASSIST didn’t hesitate to give its full support to this initiative.