To you, standing still means going backwards. Success is found in evolution, in flexibility and in preventing problems. Progress is only possible when you keep forging ahead; when you’re always in motion.

We share your outlook. We are EBTS, an international team of professionals who share a single goal: keeping your business and your customers on the move. We know that every minute of downtime is a minute lost. That flexibility, service and innovation are essential for individuals and businesses with clear ambition. We know this because just like you, we’re always in motion.


We are

  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Happy to help
  • Determined

From start to endless optimisation

We start by concluding a contract, but we don’t stop there: we keep improving and providing support, fully tailored to your needs and to changes in the sector.

From problem-solving to proactive action

Our goal is to minimise downtime for your vehicles and those of your customers. Not just by responding to problems, but also by taking proactive action to prevent future issues.

From stress to peace of mind

There’s no more need to worry about your own fleet or the fleet of your customers. We can take that weight off your mind: from communication and monitoring to every last aspect of the administrative burden.

From family business to international enterprise

What started as a family business back in the day, has since grown into an enterprise that’s active all over the globe, serving major multinationals. We are immensely proud of our journey.

We don’t just make sure our customers are always in motion, we also never stand still ourselves. Meet the House of Motion, where a team of professionals is always on the go and welcomes everyone with open arms.

Together in motion?
Contact us

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