• Confidential
  • Close monitoring
  • Simple administration

Our method

Tell us what you need

You are:

  • A commercial vehicle or component manufacturer
    (of tyres, axles, reefers, tailgates…)
  • A rental or leasing company
  • A fuel/service card issuer
  • An independent workshop or part of a network
  • An assistance platform that wants to extend its coverage

You want:

  • To provide specialised assistance services to your customers or fleets
  • To contract a high-quality multilingual incident management centre to externalise part or all of your assistance services

We will:

  • Start by listening to your needs
  • Explore your product or service

Analysis of your needs

Together, we will envisage the different possible scenarios to fulfil your needs. After that, we will:

  • Check how we can adapt our concept to your needs
  • Propose different ways to achieve your goals
  • Agree on the best possible solution/SLA
  • Design the right scope and timing for the rollout
  • Propose an agreement and timeframe

Implementing, testing and finetuning

Once the scope is defined, we will:

  • Introduce the different parties involved (such as after sales, operations, product development and IT)
  • Start implementing
  • Respect the company’s culture, language requirements and specifications of the customer base

Always In Motion

Once we go live, our European key account and network manager, together with your project manager, will monitor your case closely the first months. We will continuously interact with you when needed.

After we have reached the right service level, we will keep on analysing all processes and other products and service needs. That way, we strive to reach the highest possible quality level and keep both ourselves and your customers in motion. Without ever losing sight of the rationales of the SLA.

Our assets

In-house IT system

External servers and systems have no place at our business: we do everything ourselves on a single platform perfectly suited to our services. That way, we keep optimising our services and guarantee business continuity.

8 branches

Our eight branches are spread across Europe, so we can monitor your transport as close as possible. We speak the language of your customers and drivers, in close contact with our local partners.


No aspect of our business ever stands still: we are always improving our systems and we keep a close eye on the latest market trends. From driving in convoy to electronification and climate change: we find solutions for today’s problems and those yet to come.


Our people are experts in the three Ts: Technology, Transport and Topography. They effortlessly converse with your customers in multiple languages, and they waste no time in getting to the core of the problem. That way, quick service is always guaranteed.

We know that every minute of downtime is a minute lost. That flexibility, service and innovation are essential for individuals and businesses with a clear ambition. We know this because just like you, we’re always in motion.


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We don’t just make sure our customers are always in motion, we also never stand still ourselves. Meet the House of Motion, where a team of professionals is always on the go and welcomes everyone with open arms.

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