We don’t just make sure our customers are always in motion, we also never stand still ourselves. Meet House of Motion, a place where time never stands still. Here, a team of professionals is always on the go and welcomes everyone with open arms.

Egos have no place here; we are team players. We are colleagues who pull together to do everything we can to help our customers get back on the road as soon as possible.

We are a place where countless nationalities meet and where employees speak the language of their customers. The result: a welcoming mix of talented people.

No two days are the same at EBTS, and boredom is an alien concept to us. With countless challenges, a variety of tasks and a vast database of contacts you can be your best self, day after day.

At EBTS, everyone can be themselves and no form of discrimination is tolerated. Suit and tie or dreadlocks: everything is allowed, as long as everyone gives it their best and respects everyone else.

With a vast range of training courses including exchange programmes, your career is always in motion. Whether you want to fine-tune your talents or gain more responsibility, you’ll always keep growing.

At EBTS, we work in a fixed shift pattern, but we offer plenty of flexibility for unforeseen circumstances.

An above-average salary for the sector, supplemented by additional perks such as meal vouchers: that’s the least our employees deserve.

Join our team

We keep on growing, we’re always in motion. We’re always looking for people who are:

  • Loyal and happy to help
  • Ambitious
  • Professional
  • Group-minded
  • Modest

Join us!


Our world is always in motion. Explore our services in detail and read the latest news from our sector here.

Together in motion?
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