HISTORY In Motion since 1994

We are EBTS. With our multicultural and multilingual support platform, we make sure that your lorry or vehicle gets back on the road as soon as possible after a breakdown. We take action before your vehicles even get into trouble, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We started in Europe, but we are now active across multiple continents: we go wherever you need us to go, literally and figuratively. We’ve come a long way since 1994.

19 94

Tyre company Groep de Condé sets up EBTS as an independent business. EBTS stands for European Breakdown Tyre & Technical Services.

20 03

European Breakdown Tyre & Technical Services expands to offer assistance in case of technical problems.

20 04

Our first international back office, EDP (Efficient Data Processing), opens in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau.

20 06

Demand for native Polish speakers starts to grow. In response, we open a new service platform in Wroclaw, Poland.

20 11

After Poland, we opened new service platforms in France and Spain. Just like the platform in Poland, these are managed centrally from Belgium.

20 13

EBTS goes fully independent under the name EBTS Pro Assist and severs management ties with its parent company, Groep de Condé.

20 16

A new branch opens in Germany: EBTS Germany is created.

20 18

Two years after Germany, EBTS Macedonia is established.

20 19

EBTS celebrates its 25th anniversary! All EBTS shares are acquired by the same family, and our business becomes financially independent. The third family generation continues to drive the business forward with respect for its origins and history, but with an open vision towards the future.

20 20

We pass the milestone of one million solved incidents across all national and continental borders. We did so in 18 different languages and with 24/7 availability.

During the coronavirus crisis, EBTS proved to be a pandemic-proof business right from day one. We were able to operate fully independently with respect for all measures and without any loss of quality. We managed to safeguard both our operations and the health of every employee.

We know that every minute of downtime is a minute lost. That flexibility, service and innovation are essential for individuals and businesses with a clear ambition. We know this because just like you, we’re always in motion.

We don’t just make sure our customers are always in motion, we also never stand still ourselves. Meet the House of Motion, where a team of professionals is always on the go and welcomes everyone with open arms.

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