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Team leader Ana Buga about growing at EBTS – Pro In Motion

Right after Ana Buga graduated from university, EBTS invited her to start working at their office in Moldova. More than 14 years later, you can still find Ana there as the enthusiastic and motivated team leader she is. What keeps her in motion at EBTS? This is her story:


Ana started working at EBTS in April 2007. Ana: “I was hired especially for my Swedish language skills since I studied English and Swedish languages at university. Back then, I was completely lost in the tyre world of EBTS and surprised how important tyres’ tread depths, serial numbers and so on were to people (laughs). By now I think that I managed to understand this technical world pretty good.”

“At the moment, I work as team leader on the Romanian/Russian platform at our office in Moldova. I train new students, handle ongoing calls, tasks, and emails, I follow up on new colleagues, … And more than often, I combine these tasks at the same time. Multitasking is an important part of the job.”


Jokes and smiles as motivation

“It is starting to sound cliché, but you never know what to expect from a normal working day at EBTS. It might seem like we simply sit at our computer all day, but at the end of the day we can be exhausted. We get a lot of situations to handle. Sometimes this is a lot of fun, especially when you have positive people on the other end of the line with whom you can joke and smile. Other times it can be difficult to keep calm when a stressed customer calls with a problem. Despite the situation we encounter, we’ll always stay polite and do whatever we can to help our customers.”

“This variety of situations is something I like a lot about my job. I always compare our job with working for an ambulance in a hospital. You have to listen to the caller, understand where the problem comes from and find an appropriate treatment. I like to dig in and analyze difficult cases where I have to search where, when and why something went wrong.”

“By working at EBTS, I had the chance to meet a lot of people from different countries, visit different EBTS offices, get different technical trainings and work in a nice environment. I feel like we are the right people on the right place when someone has problems on the road. That still keeps me motivated after all these years at EBTS.”


Free time = family time

“When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my family: my husband and our two children. We try to visit our parents as much as possible, and let the children have a good time with their parents, cousins, and other family. Next to that, we love visiting different places, being in the nature, playing games, going to the cinema, … Whenever we’re all together, we enjoy these moments to the fullest.”

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