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Arthur Auvray on team spirit and learning opportunities at EBTS – Pro In Motion

Arthur Auvray

Working as a customer service officer in France

“After graduating in history and law, I started the search for my first fulltime job. Shortly after, I started working at EBTS as a customer service officer. I haven’t regretted it for one minute!

I work in a team with four other operators. We handle incoming calls from customers and arrange breakdown services for them as quickly as possible. We do this mostly in French, for French-speaking customers in France and abroad. On occasion we get calls from Polish drivers that we handle in English, but this is rather exceptional. We work closely with companies such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, and local workshops to provide our customers with the best solutions.”

Team spirit and learning opportunities

“What I like most about my job is the atmosphere within our team and the company. Whenever I need support, there’s always a colleague that is willing to help me. I really appreciated this when I just started working here and still had a lot to learn.”

“During my time at EBTS, I have learned a lot about trucks, trailers, and tyres. Before I started working here, my knowledge on these topics was quite limited. With the help of colleagues, trainings and learning on the job, I have come a long way this past year.”

International working environment

“What makes EBTS special, is the internationality of the company. With offices spread across Europe, we talk to colleagues in different countries every day. It’s interesting to share experiences and habits with each other and learn about different cultures in the meantime.”

Arthur’s spare time

“When I am not at work, I enjoy reading books, staying up to date on world news and going on hikes in nature. I also like going out with friends. I prefer ‘being in motion’ over staying at home and watching TV. The same applies when going on holidays. My ideal holiday entails going on a road trip, backpacking, or hiking with friends.”

Come join our house of motion

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