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Antonio Diez on social interactions and teamwork at EBTS – Pro In Motion

Antonio Dieze

Working as a customer service officer

“As a customer service officer, my job does not just consist of picking up the phone and dealing with customers like in a call centre. It’s much more than that: we help people in need. The drivers we talk to work hard and are on the road a lot. I find it very rewarding to help them get to their destination. To help them get home.”

“Another reason why I appreciate my job is the amount of flexibility I get. Some weeks I work from 8:00 until 16:00, other weeks I work from 14:00 until 22:00. This gives me the chance to easily schedule personal appointments or plans outside my working hours. This was not possible in my previous jobs.”

Social interactions and teamwork

“After 4,5 years, I’ve built relationships with many customers and workshops. We’re often in touch with the same people, so you get to know each other pretty well. This gives me great satisfaction.”

“Aside from helping customers, I also like helping new colleagues. I am often responsible for the onboarding of new team members in Spanish or English. I teach them how to work with our software, how to properly communicate with customers, and so on.”

“My favourite part about working at EBTS is working together with colleagues as a team. Although it might not seem like customer service officers work closely with each other, we absolutely do. If there is a case that we are struggling with due to language barriers or technical issues, we can always count on each other. For example: If a colleague in France gets a call from a customer that needs a workshop in Spain, I can recommend workshops or mechanics that I know.”

Spare time

“During the weekends you can often find me at football games in the stadium of Elche with my father. I am a very big football fan (laughs). I also take pleasure in listening to music, watching TV, going out for dinner with friends, travelling and so on. When I want to relax, I paint model figures and items such as soldiers, buildings, … I love to create new things.”

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