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David Fernandez: a real Pro In Motion

David Fernandez works for EBTS since 2004. Although his roots lie in Spain, he is born and bred in Belgium. He is not only a goal getter at work but also in his free time.

What keeps David always in motion? He will tell you himself.


Lover of languages

David: “When I was younger, we only spoke Spanish at home. But I have always been interested in other languages. That was a big advantage when I started working at EBTS. By then I spoke Spanish, Dutch, French and English.”

“At school, I enjoyed my language courses the most. And by working at EBTS, I have also learned to speak Italian and German. Simply by talking with colleagues in those languages. I even think I speak more Italian than Spanish now (laughs).”


On the road

“I still have family in Spain, so I have been visiting the country a lot. We still have a family house there where we love to go. So, you could say I am also quite often on the road myself.”

“Nonetheless, when I started at EBTS, I did not immediately know what my job would involve. I knew a bit about road assistance and the challenge you face during long drives. Luckily, I got a good training at EBTS. And gradually, you get more and more experienced. And with that you also get more confident. Now, being appreciated by my colleagues and getting compliments by customers, is what keeps me going.”


Sports freak

“I am somebody who cannot sit still. I have never not sported in my life. I have been a fanatic boxer and am still fascinated by boxing. Now I combine cardio, strength, and endurance training. I sometimes even train twice a day.”

“I train that much because it is good for me, both physically and mentally. It gives me confidence and helps me clear my mind. That is especially nice after a hectic day at work.”


Family holidays

“Even when I am on vacation, I like to move around. My best trip ever was our honeymoon to Argentina and Brazil. I think we took around thirteen domestic flights in a few weeks. It really was worth it.”

“I also love to visit the hometown of my mother in Southern Spain. We know everybody over there and always get a warm welcome when we arrive.”

“My wife and I have two kids, so our holidays are more childproof nowadays. They love an all-inclusive hotel where they can catch up with other children. The last few years we have rented a holiday home, in Tuscany for example. It is the perfect mix between family time, freedom, nature and culture.”