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Giuseppe Capozza virtually travels the world for EBTS – Pro In Motion

With his Italian roots, Giuseppe Capozza was the perfect fit when we were looking for a native Italian speaker in 2006. Since then, Giuseppe mastered several languages, joined our support services team, and has virtually traveled the world for his job. What he likes most about EBTS? “Working in a multicultural team while helping people with breakdowns all over Europe.”


Giuseppe started working at EBTS in 2006. Giuseppe: “I am born and raised in Belgium, more specifically in Genk, but I have Italian roots. So, when EBTS was looking for a native Italian speaker, I was the right fit. By now, I am working at the support services in our office in Hasselt. That means that I have direct contact with our customers but also with our operational platform. I handle complaints, help solving problems, follow up late payments and so on.”

“The beauty of working at EBTS is this: you never know in advance what will happen that day. There are some routines, but you always have to take possible unforeseen circumstances into account. You are solving breakdowns all over Europe, which triggers the best of you: empathy, understanding what is going on and using the languages you know.”

“A good team is something that I have always valued. Here at EBTS, we have a multicultural team in which everyone can be themselves. I grew up in a multicultural environment myself, so this really is something I like. Continuously hearing different languages, is typical for EBTS. You can speak with a Spanish customer, a Swedish colleague, and a German mechanic, all in a few minutes. I speak fluently Italian and Dutch, and trained myself in German, Spanish and English.”


Nice after works and visits to Poland

“If you like to speak several languages at a working day, virtually travel through Europe every day, help customers with vehicles on the road, work with several programs and multitask. If you want to work in a company with a good future, and in a multicultural team with all the support to let you grow: then you should definitely apply for a job at EBTS.”

“I have so many great memories of all my years at EBTS. When I started here in 2006, I worked in a team of 15 colleagues who got along very well. On Friday evenings, we regularly held afterwork parties, and ended up very late in the city center of Hasselt (laughs).”

“In 2008, I got the opportunity to visit our Polish office, which was a great experience. More visits and memories followed afterwards. It was great to meet new colleagues and see how their platforms worked.”


From biking to meditating

“In my free time, I like to spend time outdoors. I like to make bike rides, especially since we have marvelous bike roads here in Limburg. I bike to work almost every single day and ride my bike in my free time. Next to that, I like to go hiking with my wife and friends or spend time in my garden. From time to time, I also watch the dog of my son.”

“Both my wife and I have Italian roots. Therefore, we like to visit Italy every now and then. One of my favorite spots in Italy is Alghero on the island of Sardinia. Last year we went to visit Napoli. It really is a wonderful city when you discover the real Napoli. That is something we always try to do: look past the tourist places and get into the heart of a city or a place.”

“Next to biking, hiking, travelling, … I am into long meditations. I even went to a meditation center twice, where I spent ten days without talking to anyone. That is not easy, but it helped me create space in my life for the things I find important. We are flooded with information everywhere, but it is important to stand still every now and then. Meditation is like my guideline for that. I don’t do it every day, but when I feel the need to have some time for myself, I withdraw and can meditate up to a few hours. Afterwards, I am totally ready to get back in motion.”