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Pro In Motion: this is Halime Mal

Halim Can Mal, also known as Halime, is the embodiment of someone who’s always in motion. She moved from Turkey to Italy to Germany, where she’s already working at EBTS for five years. An international workplace where she immediately felt at home.

Halime is 32 years old and was born in Turkey. “But I grew up in Itay, where I have lived more than twenty years. I went to school and university in Italy, before moving to Germany with my family.”

“After I moved to Germany, I started the job hunt and ended up at EBTS. It was my first job after my studies and a perfect way to learn German and maintain my English, Italian and Turkish Kurdish. When I started, I thought: ‘This is a perfect job to start with for a year or two.’ But day after day, I started to like my job more and more. By now, I’m already working here for five years. EBTS really has become an important part of my life.”


One big multitasking family

“I am a real multitasker; I like the variation that comes with it. Here at EBTS we always work in the same system, but we are always confronted with new clients, breakdowns, or challenges. Of course, I have grown at multitasking; there is a big difference between how I worked at the start versus now. Experience is a good teacher, but you also get a lot of support from your colleagues.”

“EBTS is like a family to me. A family that really cares about you and wants to know when you are feeling good and bad. If you have a problem, they will do everything to find a solution. I can say that from my own experiences.”

“Sometimes you hear people say: ‘I just work to get paid at the end of the month.’ But here at EBTS, it is not like that. There is a great atmosphere and colleagues are more than ‘just’ colleagues.”


From hiking to shopping

“When I am not at work, I also like to stay in motion. I love going for walks or bike rides in nature. I love to go into the forest to relax and clear my mind. When I lived in Italy, you could find me in the wild every weekend. Besides that, I also like to spend time with my five sisters. Typically, we like to go shopping together (laughs).”

“I also really like to travel, although I have been traveling less the last years. I still have some countries that I would like to see, but I also like to revisit Italy and Turkey every now and then. The most beautiful trip I have ever made was to Turkey. I hadn’t been there in 21 years, so it was quite emotional to be back.”