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Jessie Brepoels looks back on 13 years of growth opportunities – Pro In Motion

Foto Jessie Brepoels

Jessie (38) has been a part of our team in Belgium ever since she entered the work force. Now, 13 years later, she looks back on a great career path within the company. Discover more about her journey and why she chooses to stay with us.

The path from operator to customer implementation officer

“After I graduated from university, I applied at the VDAB in search of a job. One day later, they called me up with a job opportunity as an operator in the tyre industry. I knew nothing about tyres, but I had a knack for languages so I figured it would be a good job to start out in. Initially, it wasn’t a long-term plan, but look where I am now (laughs).”

“Since then, I have worked at EBTS as an operator, in product office, in the IT department, as a quality advisor, and as an office manager. Recently, I started a new job as Customer Implementation Officer.”

“It has been quite a ride. In the early years I was offered growth opportunities by our CEO, Frank. I really appreciated the support he gave me. Now I keep an eye out for opportunities within the company myself.”

Always in motion

“I think our baseline ‘Always in motion’ really describes me as a person. I am quite driven in my job; I enjoy variety in my tasks, and I literally like to move from one colleague’s desk to another to talk in person instead of communicating by email. I am always looking for ways to move forward and improve. And when I get home at night, I have a 3-year-old daughter that keeps me on the go (laughs).”

Flexibility, growth, and variety

“What I like most about my job and EBTS is having a lot of flexibility, getting opportunities to grow, and having lots of variety in my job. Every day is different. I look forward to the years to come … To keep growing and learning.”

“And also teaching. One of my responsibilities – aside from performing talent assessments, job interviews, and planning – is to organize trainings within the company. This gives me the chance to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years.”

Active lifestyle

“When I am not at work, I like spending time with my family, horseback riding, mountain biking and going for walks. When it comes to holidays, I enjoy exploring new places like Asia with my partner. I hope to do more of that soon, when our daughter is a bit older. For now, we’re settling for a relaxing stay at an all-in resort. Different, but also nice (laughs).”

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