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Laurie Sylvain talks about 10 years at EBTS – Pro In Motion

After many years of experience in many different working environments, Laurie Sylvain ended up at EBTS 10 years ago. She was ready for a better work-life balance in a job that would still challenge her. Turned out that the match with EBTS couldn’t have been better.

Laurie is someone who has always been passionate about her job. Laurie: “Before I started working at EBTS, I’ve had several other jobs. I worked in a recruitment company, the marketing department of a small family company, and so on. I was a hard worker in each one of them, working many hours per week. When I got pregnant, I decided it was time to pay more attention to my work-life balance.”

“I started looking for a new job opportunity, which wasn’t that easy. I applied for several jobs but often got the feedback that I was ‘overgraduated’. It was quite hard to find the job I was looking for, until I got in touch with EBTS. They understood me, trusted me, and gave me the opportunity to start as a dispatcher.”


So many tasks to like

“As years flew by, I got more and more responsibilities. I’m responsible for some French contracts, training of our people, recruitment, and I’m also involved in the complaints. And sometimes I still log into the system to help my colleagues when it gets busy.”

“There are so many different tasks involved in my job, but that’s what I like about it. And it is impossible for me to choose one favorite task. I like everything (laughs). Especially since I am always helping other people, and that’s something I really find important.”

“Of course, we’re often faced with challenges, such as complaints or stressed clients. Every human can make mistakes, and that’s okay. The important thing is to learn from them, improve altogether, and ensure the client that they can still rely upon us. Making people happy all the time is a big challenge, but I believe we really do our best.”


Growing together

“As you may have guessed already: I really like my job (laughs). It is so nice to work in an international company and communicate with people all over Europe. While on the same time there is a great atmosphere at our office in Rouen, with colleagues who feel like a small family.”

“I am happy I was given the opportunity to start at EBTS. The company really gives a chance to anyone who is motivated and eager to learn. You don’t have to be experienced in logistics, transport or have worked in a call center. New employees get a lot of training and the chance to learn on the job. You can keep on growing, together with the company and your colleagues. And I can only speak from my own experience, but it is a great feeling to grow together.”


In motion with my boys

“When I’m not at work, I spend most of my time with my two boys. We like going outside: playing sports, travelling, enjoying the outdoors… They play basket, do karate, and go swimming, so it is important to have my free time well organized (laughs). I am happy that they are as much into sports as I am. I have always been passionate about sports, especially tennis. With two kids, it is more challenging to find time to sport. But now that they’re a bit older (8 and 11 years), we go running together. I thought I would be the first to finish, but I must admit that it is hard to follow them (laughs). Nonetheless, the most important thing for me is that we are together, having fun.”

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