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Martin Jewell about challenge and fulfilment in his job – Pro In Motion

Martin Jewell

20 years ago, Martin and his other half moved from England to Spain to enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle. In October of 2013, shortly after a friend of Martin’s introduced him to EBTS, he was hired to work remotely on our contract with TIP Roadside, a partner based in the UK. TIP offers breakdown recovery service for transport equipment across Europe and North America.

A challenging but exciting job

“When a driver of a vehicle transporting a trailer experiences problems on the road, they call TIP Roadside. My team and I receive the calls, ask what the problem is, where the driver is located and arrange the breakdown service.”

“The job does come with certain challenges. We deal with issues such as: drivers not being where they said they were, the problem being larger than expected, time-sensitive situations, unsatisfied drivers, and so on. On top of this, we need to handle several calls efficiently and set priorities. It is not a walk in the park, but if you do it well and achieve positive outcomes, this job is so satisfying.”

A supportive team

“Aside from the fulfillment I get from arranging jobs successfully, another thing I like most about my job is the bond with my teammates. I work in a small team of four people. Even though we work in shifts, we are very close and always support each other. If I’m having trouble arranging a job, I can always count on them to help.”

Working at an international company

“EBTS has expanded a lot since I started. In our office in Alicante alone, they have expanded the working space three times since I have worked here. It is a fast-growing, international company that offers a lot of growth opportunities. And most importantly: the work we do is compelling and challenging. I have 10 years left before I retire. I think I will stay at EBTS until then. That is, if they’ll have me (laughs).”

Always on the go

“I would like to relax more in my spare time, but I am pretty much always full-on (laughs). During the weekends I often go on long walks with my dog, and work on small renovations or interior design projects. Aside from that, I like cooking and going out for dinner. We live near a beach, which is a great place for walks and a night out with good food and wine.”

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