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Nicole Mihalache on teamwork and growth at EBTS – Pro In Motion

Photo Nicole

Learning through trainings

“I have lived in quite a few places in my life. I was born in Romania, moved to the US for 13 years, moved back to Romania for 10 years and then moved to Spain about a year ago. After arriving here, I started my job search and finally ended up applying for a job at EBTS.”

“Although I had very little experience in the automotive sector and didn’t expect to be hired, I got the job! As soon as I started, I got a lot of interesting trainings about technical information such as tyre types, sizes, vehicle parts, and so on. Now, I feel very confident and qualified to do my job.”

A supportive and encouraging team

“Since I started at EBTS last year in September, I have been working on the Goodyear contract in the UK. Every day, I handle calls from Goodyear customers that experience a breakdown and need a repair or towing service arranged. I handle most cases in English, but when the drivers are Romanian, I speak to them in Romanian since this is my native language.”

“I really enjoy helping people. Especially because I have a good team that supports me. We help each other out and encourage each other to do better. For example: handling a call as well and as quickly (and as well) as possible. Right now, my record time is 2 minutes and 57 seconds (laughs). I like to be challenged and improve myself.”

Recharging during her spare time

“Since I am always in motion at work, I enjoy relaxing in my free time. I like to read books, watch movies, cook, go for walks with my husband. I especially like walking along the coastline, where every day feels like a holiday.”