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Peter Steensels about the night shift at EBTS – Pro In Motion

EBTS is always in motion: day ánd night. For the nights, we can count on a dedicated team of colleagues such as Peter Steensels. Already working at EBTS since 1998, Peter is now an experienced team leader who knows the ins and outs of working the night shift at EBTS.


Peter: “I started working at EBTS in 1998, with only two other colleagues. The three of us covered every hour of every day and night. I have become team leader in 2011 and am responsible for the night shift. We have a team of approximately twenty coworkers, in which everybody works three to four nights per week.”

“Working night shifts is something that really suits me. Before I started at EBTS, my parents owned a night club. So yes, I was already used to working at night (laughs).”


Exceptional situations ask for creative solutions

“Night shifts at EBTS start at 8 or 10 pm. When we start, we first take things over from our colleagues and ensure that we’ve caught up with all pending cases. Once we’re past that rush, we usually find the right pace for the rest of the night. In the morning, when it starts getting busier again on the road, we speed up one last time before ending our shift.”

“The challenge with a night shift is this: people are harder to reach, so you have fewer options to solve the problems of your clients. But the more experienced you get, the better and more creative you get at this as well.”

“I always compare our night shifts to a marathon: you start quite fast to get ahead of things, then find your rhythm and end with a last sprint. What I like most about my job, is that I keep on learning every day. My working environment literally never stands still, so obviously I also have to keep on track.”

“Another thing that I like a lot, are the exceptional situations we are often faced with. Every now and then we have to get tour busses of world stars back on the road: from Rihanna to Mötley Crüe. Or trucks loaded with Formula 1 cars on their way to the next race. And of course, a lot of parcel deliveries and fresh produce transport for supermarkets. There is never a dull moment when you work at EBTS.”


In Motion on the job, the tennis court, … except on holidays

“When I am not working at EBTS, I work for Tennis Vlaanderen, where I educate tennis coaches. I already play tennis for 34 years and am also the head coach at the two tennis clubs of Bocholt. You could say that tennis is a hobby that got out of hand (laughs). But it is not the only sports that I practice: I also like golfing.”

“I think you could say that I really am always in motion (laughs). The only time when I do absolutely nothing, is when I am on holiday with my wonderful wife and our two lovely daughters. Those days are all about relaxing, good food and the best company.”

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