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Sander Elia talks about his 12 years of growth at EBTS – Pro In Motion

After graduating from college in 2010, Sander joined EBTS. He has been with us ever since and has grown from a position as back-office employee to contract responsible for our client Goodyear. Discover why he’s stayed with us for so long and what his job entails.

Opportunity to grow

“In October of 2010, just a few months after graduating college, I joined EBTS. I was happy to work in a company that was close to home and had an international side to it, in which I could further develop my language skills.”

“I started out as a back-office employee and obtained a lot of valuable experience in the business in the years that followed. In 2016, I became responsible for one of our biggest contracts, Goodyear. To this day, I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity.”

Being contract responsible for Goodyear

“Within our department of support services, every team member is responsible for certain client contracts. This means that we are the single point of contact for our assigned clients. For the contract of Goodyear, for example, I am responsible for invoicing, reporting, complaint handling and maintaining the network and helping the client with any questions they may have.”

“I am in touch with the Goodyear’s country managers on a daily basis, but also with most of our internal teams. From development and operations, to invoicing. What I like most about my job, is helping our client as a team and getting appreciation for the value we offer. We have been working with Goodyear for 23 years, a great example of a strong relationship.”

In motion 24/7

“I would say that I am always in motion, even when I am not at work. I have been playing football since I was 6 years old. When I am not on the football field, I like to play tennis, padel, or to go for a run. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I even ran a marathon on my own.”

“I have a newborn who also keeps me in motion – even at night (laughs). I have to say that being a father is the best job in the world – sorry EBTS (winks)”.

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