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Stacey Ratcliffe about growing and finding balance – Pro In Motion

Photo Stacey Ratcliffe

In August 2020, Stacey and her partner decided to leave their busy life in the UK behind for a more relaxed lifestyle in Spain. Though she has only worked at EBTS for five months, she has already excelled in her job. All while maintaining a good work life balance. Discover her story.

From customer service officer to team leader in just a few months

“After travelling and exploring Spain, I started the search for a new job. In December, I

started working at EBTS as a Customer Service Officer, dedicated to our customer Goodyear in the UK. In this job, I handle calls from their customers in need of tyre assistance, whether they are roadside or on site.”

“Three months later I was asked to become a team leader. I didn’t expect it, but I’m very happy they considered me. I think I made a good impression with my previous experiences in customer service (laughs).”

“My job is challenging, and I am still finding my feet, but I am really enjoying it so far. I enjoy helping new agents, dealing with more complex customer accounts, and supporting my team in any way I can. What I like most about the job is not knowing what challenges may come my way, each day. I think this keeps things interesting.”

Integrating at EBTS

“From the very beginning, everyone was very helpful and approachable. I think this is very important in a fast-moving environment. There are a lot of different nationalities in the office, but everyone speaks English very well. Luckily, because my Spanish is still quite limited (laughs). I also feel that, despite the mix of cultures, everyone gets along very well. All these things made it easy for me to onboard and integrate into the company.”

A good balance between work and relaxation

“Although I like a good challenge in my job, I also think it’s important to find the time to unwind. That’s why I chose to move to Spain, to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle. During my spare time I do exactly that. Since I live on the coast, I love walking by the water and going on bike rides. When I’m not out and about, I enjoy following online courses to develop myself personally and professionally. I guess you could say I’m always in motion. However, I do enjoy just relaxing in the garden with a drink (laughs).”

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