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Stefan Eyckmans on flexibility and trust at EBTS – Pro In Motion

Foto Stefan Eyckmans

Stefan (35) has been working with us in Belgium for 4,5 years. Unlike most of our Pro’s in Motion, he is not a customer service officer, but a software developer. Want to find out what his job entails and why he enjoys working at EBTS? Read on! 

Always … developing in-house 

“Within EBTS, we use a lot of applications and different technologies. We have a call handling system, cloud telephony software, an external portal, and an internal portal. All of these applications are made or customised in-house, by developers such as myself.”  

“As a developer, I report to our business manager. Aside from him, I work together with a few other developers, project managers and sometimes with our accountancy team. For every project, I handle everything from A to Z: from request, to creation, to follow-up.” 

“I think that in my job, ‘always being in motion’ is very relevant. In IT, we are always looking for solutions to problems. We need to rethink codes, discover new technologies, develop our skills, solve problems quickly, and so on.” 

 Freedom and trust 

“What I like most about working at EBTS, is that we get a lot of trust and freedom from the management team. Although we are quite an international and large company, I feel like the communication channels are quite short. Whenever I have a suggestion for a new technology or way of working, it is taken into consideration.” 

“Apart from that, I like that we – developers – get the chance to work from home more, have flexible working hours and get enough vacation days so I can travel with friends.” 

Exploring the world 

“When I am not in motion at work, I am in motion all over the world. I love to travel, especially backpacking. At least once a year, I plan a long trip with two friends. We enjoy talking to locals, trying new food, and exploring in general. We don’t plan much; we just see how things go. It’s really fun.”

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