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Team leader Christina Ratsitskas about her development at EBTS – Pro In Motion

After working in Tourism and Recreation for a few years and living in London for one of them, Christina felt like she needed a change of pace. In 2018, she joined EBTS. A place where she has grown and thrived, and still does to this day. Find out more about Christina’s EBTS story.

Christina was born and raised in Genk by her Greek parents. They moved to Belgium because her father started working in the emblematic coal mines. Her background and growing up in a multicultural environment sparked an interest in languages and different cultures.

After leaving her former employer, Christina was seeking a challenging job in which she could put her knowledge of various languages to good use. It’s not surprising that she found her way to EBTS.

“Although I had little experience, I felt that EBTS had confidence in me. I was tossed into a completely new world. I never heard of ETAs and brake chambers; this is daily business now. I have learnt so much in a short period of time.”

Pushing boundaries every day

“In 2018, I started working at EBTS as an operator. About six months ago, I moved into my current position as traffic manager and team leader. What I do? A lot of different tasks, all at once. My job has made me a pro in multi-tasking (laughs).”

Christina is responsible for the arrangement of break down services, supporting new operators, making sure emails and alerts are dealt with in a timely matter, and so on.

“My favourite part of my job is training and supporting new operators. Together with my colleague Jutta, I support a team that consists of approximately 15 to 20 operators. Funnily enough, the aspects I like most about my job are also the most challenging ones. I enjoy multi-tasking and managing stressful situations. Working at EBTS has encouraged me to push my boundaries and move out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. This really keeps my workdays interesting.”

“My greatest memory from my time at EBTS is the time when my colleagues and I participated in a Zumba class. It was quite intense and hard to keep up, but we had lots of fun!”

Sports and travel

“Just like at work, I enjoy being in motion during my spare time. It might be hard to believe, but I am a huge fan of football team Racing Genk (laughs). During the weekends, you will mostly find me amongst the crowd in the stadium. I also love going on bicycle rides with my father. We often ride past the coal mines of Waterschei, where he tells me all about what life was like underground. I enjoy listening to his endless stories. On top of that, I try to go running twice a week – after taking a power nap of course. I also like to recharge after a busy week by reading a book or watching a movie.”

“Since I have a lot of family in Greece, I travel there as much as I can to visit them. Usually this is once or twice a year. When I was little, I joined Greek school where I learned to read and write, but also learned a lot about our ancient culture and history. I really do feel a strong connection with Greece.”