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Team Leader Natalia Gobjila about learning on the job – Pro In Motion

Fifteen years ago, Natalia was asked to join EBTS due to her proficiency in Swedish. She currently is the team leader of the EDP Fleet Team Department in Moldova, a job she really enjoys. Find out what her job entails, what challenges her and what motivates her in this article.

Natalia is 38 years old, married and a mother of two children. Before she worked at EBTS, she was a translator, immersing herself in the English and Swedish language. When EBTS spotted her profile, they contacted her for an interview and hired her immediately.

Learning a lot on the job

“When I first started at EBTS, the tyre world was completely new to me. I didn’t know how important tyre details such as brands, profiles, rest mm and serial numbers were. I was afraid I would never understand all this technical information. Now, I understand the world of tyres and the importance of all these details much better.”

Ensuring smooth operations of her team

“At the beginning of each day, I make up a summary of our team’s work of the previous day. I analyse the working situation in the team, the tasks we did and form a conclusion. Based on this conclusion, I plan the day in and set priorities to achieve our targets.”

“Surprisingly, I enjoy every single aspect of my job. If I had to name one task that I love most, it would be making monthly or weekly reports to visualise our team’s results. Aside from that, I check all correspondence and all outstanding cases to get them handled quickly and correctly. This way, we achieve favourable results, which leads to more accepted jobs, a swift invoicing process and satisfied customers. I also like analysing difficult situations, for example where, when, and why something went wrong. This enables us to learn from mistakes and keep our customers satisfied.”

Working at EBTS

“EBTS is an ever-developing company. We always experience something new: new contracts, new customers, new procedures and new challenges. EBTS is always in motion, literally. This keeps employees on their toes and motivated.”

“On top of that, the management of the company is very understanding. The management team listens to their staff and takes all necessary actions to motivate them. We often get rewarded for the work we do with bonuses or presents. This really makes us feel appreciated.”

Always on the go, even during her spare time

“I love being in motion in my job as well as my free time. I never sit still for more than a few hours. As a mother of two with a fulltime job, you get used to this active lifestyle (laughs). During the weekends, I spend my time with my family. We often visit our parents or meet our family friends. We also enjoy visiting different places, being in nature, playing games together, going to the movie theater, and so on.”

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