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Torgeir Karlsen talks about variation and diversity within EBTS – Pro In Motion

Photo Torgeir

Not your average call centre

“Before I worked at EBTS, I worked in a call centre near Brussels, where I was hired mainly for my proficiency in Norwegian. After working there for a while, I searched for a more interesting job closer to home and ended up at EBTS. Although this company may seem like your run of the mill call centre to an outsider, I can assure you, it’s nothing like that.”

Every day is different

“As an operator, I work for several different contracts. This means the calls that come in can concern anything from a flat tyre to difficult technical problems. Each client and every issue is different. The high pace of the job and not knowing what will come next really keeps you on your toes. That’s what keeps the job so interesting. And that’s probably why I’ve stayed here for so long (laughs).”

A place where different cultures come together

“Since the platform supports clients across Europe, most people that work at EBTS were hired for their language skills. I, for example, am fluent in English, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and understand some Dutch. When I am at the office, I hear and speak most of these languages every day.”

“I love the fact that the company is so multicultural. It gives you the chance to learn new languages and meet new people from different countries and cultures. On top of that, everyone is very friendly and helpful, even when they’re busy. This creates a nice atmosphere.”

On the move in nature

“During the weekends, you’ll usually find me doing something creative with costumes or sculptures. Aside from that, I enjoy going on hiking trips with my family. We have walked many kilometres along the Belgian coast, in the Belgian Ardennes and even attempted to walk the GR20 in Corsica. This year we will be exploring the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.”

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